Top 6 Paint by Numbers tips

Here are our top 6 tips for getting the most out of your paint by numbers kits.


If you accidentally paint over a number that you are not currently working on. Stop what you are doing and fill in that number. For example, you are working on number 6 and you paint over number 21. Stop and paint the number 21 area as you will forget what number it was meant to be by the time you get back to it. (this will make more sense once you start your first kit).

2. Make sure you work in a brightly lit area

To make sure the color is correct and that you are not missing any small details work in an area that has sufficient lighting.

3. Start at the top corner

The best way to tackle a paint by numbers is to start at the top corner to the opposite side of the hand you paint with. So if you are right-handed start at the top left corner number and work right. And the opposite for left-handed.

4. Let things dry

Work in stages and let your work dry as you go. This should take about 10 minutes. If things are not dry the paint can smudge and ruin all your hard work.

5. Keep clean brushes

Make sure the brush is completely clean before moving on to the next color.  A dirty brush will muddy the colors.

6. Paper towels are your friend

Always have a paper towel handy to remove excess paint from the brush. It is important to keep the brushes to one colour so the paints don't mix.