How to wash your paint brushes the right way

Clean your brushes the right way

To get the most out of your paint by numbers kit it is important to make sure your brushes are clean. When our brushes are not clean is can muddy the colors and it doesn't get the best final product. 

So, when you have finished your patining for the day follow this 4 step method to correctly wash your paint brushes.

Step 1:

Clean off any excess paint from the brush before you put it in water. Use an old rag or some paper towel and wipe off the additional paint on the brush and around the metal above the brush.

Step 2:

Get your paper towel and continue to do a painting motion on the paper towel with the brush until no paint is coming off the bristles. 

Step 3:

Get a cup of lukewarm soapy water and wash the brush. Rub your thumb and first two fingers against the bristles in the cup to help the soapy water attack all the paint that is leftover.

Step 4:

Make sure you dry the brush. Drying the brush is very important to get the most out of your brushes. Following this method will keep your colors pure and will keep your brushes lasting to get the most out of your paintings.



When painting your paint by numbers kits make sure you do not leave your brushes in the cup of water. This is a very common practice but it forces the bristles to spread out from the weight of the handle. 

Always do a quick wash of the brush then lay them flat on an old rag or a piecee of kitchen paper.