A guide on picking the right paint by numbers kit for you

So you would like to have a go at a paint by numbers kit but you don't really know how to choose the right one for you? Well, the good news is that it is really simple and only comes down to a few things.

Have you ever done a paint by numbers kit before?

If the answer to this is no, you might want to try a beginner kit. Beginner kits have much larger areas to paint and generally have fewer colors to contend with. 

If you have tried a kit before there are a few ways you can go. 

  • You don't feel that confident and would like an easy kit
  • You have done a kit before and would like something a little harder
  • You want a challenge

If you said yes to 1 then a beginner kit would be best for you

If you said yes to 2 try an animal, people, realistic or floral kit

If you answered yes to 3 then go for a landscape kit, they are by far the most intricate paint by numbers

The second thing to take into consideration when choosing a kit is how long do you want to spend on the project? 

If you just want a project that does not take a lot of time to finish then choosing a beginner kit or an animal or floral kit is the way to go.

If you are looking for a project that you can do over a longer period of time then going for a kit with very intricate details, such as a landscape kit, is best.

The final thing to consider is how is your hand-eye coordination?

If you are looking to improve your hand-eye coordination then starting with an easy kit and progressing to more intricate kits is a very good way to do this.

If your hand-eye coordination is not so great due to a range of factors such as a health issue then going with a beginner kit would be the best option.

If you have good hand-eye coordination then the type of kit you pick is more dependant on your level and how long you would like to spend on the kit.


We hope you found this guide helpful in taking you through which kit is best for you. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us using the button at the bottom of the page or emailing support@paintbynumberslabs.com

Thanks for the Paint by Numbers Labs team!